"Discover MORE about REAL Self Defense than Most Black Belts Will EVER Know in 60 Minutes or Less."
Self defense isn't a sport or ceremony -- it's what you can to RIGHT NOW and we're going to show you how --- in 60 minutes or less.
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60 Minute Self Defense™
What every adult should know about self defense. 
You are only one click away from discovering ...
  •   How to STOP any attack before it starts: Fights don't start with the attack - discover how to stop the fight during the SIZE UP and APPROACH.
  •  Simply Self Defense: Break every situation down to position and distance. 
  •  Control Any Situation: Master MOMENTUM and BALANCE to survive and win. 
  •  Exploit the 3 things every attacker fears: Use his weakness against him.
  • Ground Fight without grappling: Win on the ground without any experience whatsoever.
  •  Learn how to use every weapons correctly: Stop an attacker dead in his tracks when you know these tricks. 
  •  On Demand Streaming Video: No waiting, get instant lifetime access NOW.
  •  The Library: Hundreds of self defense books, manuals and reports included with your purchase today.
  •  24-7 Support: From our team of Self Defense Company Instructors.
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60-Minute Self Defense™ -- features The Self Defense Training System™ a method of close combat developed from over a century surviving modern warfare and street crime. 

Over 90% of our Instructors have dealt with violence on a professional level for DECADES and now they're only 1 click away... 

Discover what most Black Belts will NEVER Know in 60 minutes or less.
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Make no mistake...when it comes to real self defense...
The Self Defense Company is global organization of martial artists, law enforcement, veterans, bodyguards and security agents unified under one program The Self Defense Training System™ (SDTS) and we are dedicated to helping anyone with the will to defend and protect. 
Since 1992 we have helped tens of thousands of people with The Self Defense Training System™ and it all starts with 60 Minute Self Defense.

Meet some of your (soon to be) Instructors. 
Instructor Mario Karam
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 3
  •  US. Marine with Black Belts in Krav Maga/USMC MCAP
  •  Department of Defense Contractor
  •  Head Self Defense Instructor at Lebanese American University
Instructor Dennis Daroczy
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Former SEAL Team Operator and Trainer
  •  Commercial Pilot
  •  Counter Terrorism Instructor
Instructor Bry Galgansky
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 3
  •  Former Law Enforcement
  •  Defensive Tactics Instructor
Instructor George Hutchings
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Head of Self Defense Company Instructor development
  • Black Belt and Krav Maga Certified Instructor
  •  Muay Thai Instructor
Instructor K. Wayne Neal
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 1
  •  Firearms Instructor
  •  Professional Bodyguard
  •   Security Officer Registration Act (SORA) Certified
Oral "OK" Neal
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 3
  •  Law Enforcement Officer 36 years (ret)
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
Instructor Kip Marsh
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  U.S. Marine
  •  Paramedic
  •  Black Belt Kenpo
Instructor Nick Palumbo
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Law Enforcement Officer (Retired)
  •  Black Belt Aikido
  •  Defensive Tactics Instructor
Instructor Darren Poesel
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Lt. Col. U.S. Marines
  •  Senior Advisor Blackwater
  •  Senior Intelligence Officer
  •  Infantry Intelligence Officer 
Instructor Jim Nichols
  • Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  U.S. Army Combat Veteran
  •  Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu
  •  10 Years in Ohio Army Reserves
Instructor Delmus Pinkston
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor 
  •  U.S. Army Infantry
  •  Head of Nightclub Security - Switzerland
  •  Head of Campus Security - Switzerland
Instructor Steve Drake
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Black Belts in Jujitsu and Karate
  •  Instructor Punishment and Correction Centre in Abu Dhabi
  •  Instructor Security Industry Authority United Kingdom
We teach violence because we understand violence. 
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In just a few lessons 60 Minute Self Defense taught me some awesome stuff and I felt safer, more empowered. I've been looking for SELF-DEFENSE and not Martial ARTS - ARTS is not what will save me. That's why I have bought all of the Self Defense Company Programs and LOVE them!!Everyone should know Self-Defense.
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"Damian Ross' Self Defense Company Training stands among the elite. I like the online training and how it teaches students to train in way that brings in the real world (without seriously hurting your partner). I believe both the inexperienced and highly experienced can benefit from this training."

Meet Damian Ross -- the mind, heart, and hands behind this potent method

A Hall-of-Fame athlete, trained firefighter, and holder of 3 black belts, Damian Ross launched The Self Defense Company in 2007 -- after nearly two decades of training select groups in his unique Self Defense Training System.

Over the years, Secret Service Agents, Federal and Local Police (including members of the Famed NYPD), Military Agents, and others have traveled thousands of miles (and paid top dollar out of their own pockets) just to train for an hour with Damian. And now, for a limited time only, his methods are available to you, too -- in the convenience of your own home or office.



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Normally $59, and now only $19! You save $40 (67% Discount)
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