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When it comes to dealing with violence, We Are the Experts...
  • 90% of Self Defense Company Instructors are Black Belts.
  • More than 80% of Self Defense Instructors are Veterans. 
  • Over 70% of our Instructors were Police Officers.
We teach violence because we KNOW violence. 

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Plus a FREE Combatives Video
Meet some of our experts...
Instructor Dennis Daroczy
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  • Former SEAL Trainer and Operator
  • Counter Terrorism Instructor
  •  Commercial Pilot
Instructor Steve Drake
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Black Belts in Jujitsu and Karate
  • Instructor Punishment and Corrections Centre in Abu Dhabi
  •  Instructor Security Industry Authority in the United Kingdom
Instructor Mario Karam
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 3
  •  US Marine
  •  U.S. Department of Defense Contractor
  •  2nd Degree Black Belt in Military Combatives
  •  USMC/MCMAP Black Belt 
  •  Head Self Defense Instructor Lebanese American University
  •  Level 5 – Black Belt in Krav Maga – USA
  •  Tactical Emergency Medical Responder
  •  U.S. Department of State (DSS)
Instructor Bry Galganski
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 3
  •  Former Police Officer 
Instructor George Hutchings
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Director of Self Defense Company Instructor Development
  •  Black Belt and Krav Maga certified instructor
  •  Black Belt in Kickboxing
  •  Muay Thai instructor
Instructor Kip Marsh
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Former U.S. Marine
  •  Paramedic
  •  Nurse Practitioner
  •  3rd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo
  •  Deployed to Kosovo, Liberia, Afghanistan and Iraq for over 10 years
Instructor Oral "OK" Neal 
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 3
  •  36 years in law enforcement
  •  Defensive Tactics Instructor
Instructor Jim Nichols
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Army Combat Infantryman for 3 years
  •  10 years in the Ohio Reserves
  •  Second degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
  •  Black Belt in Chinese Kung fu
Instructor Nick Palumbo
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Law Enforcement Officer (ret.)
  •  Defensive Tactics Instructor for Law Enforcement
  •  Black Belt Aikido
  •  Brown Belt Judo
  •  Certified Personal Trainer
  •  Strength Specialist and Sports Nutritionist
Instructor Delmus Pinkston
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor 
  •  US Army Infantry
  •  Head of Nightclub Security - Switzerland
  •  Head of Campus Security - Switzerland
Instructor Darren Poesel
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  US Marine Lt. Col. (ret)
  •  Senior Advisor Blackwater
  •  Senior Intelligence Analyst 
  •  Infantry Intelligence Officer
Instructor K. Wayne Neil
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 1
  •  Firearms Instructor
  •  Professional  Bodyguard
  •  Security Officer Registration Act (S.O.R.A.) Certified
  •  Behavioral Intervention Specialist
  •  Class D and G Security and Firearms Certification
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