Self Defense in a Fraction of the Time with the Most Advanced and Comprehensive Defensive Tactics Program in the World...
The Self Defense Training System.™"
You don't need a black belt to defend yourself. 
Self defense isn't a style or a sport, it's an instinct that you need to adapt to who you are RIGHT NOW, not who think you're going to be in the future.
All Self Defense Company Programs Feature:
•  Scientifically Proven Self Defense
   Developed from over a Century on Modern Crime and Warfare
•  Accelerated Learning System
   Reinforce your training with online video courseware
100% full access to all training curriculums and requirements
You will have 24-7 access to all lessons, drills and Instructors
•  Streamlined, Mission Specific Self Defense
   No sport or ceremony - only proven defensive tactics 
No Fancy, complicated moves
  Under stress of a real attack you can only perform simple, straightforward techniques 
• "Use it tonight" first lesson guarantee
  Regardless of your age, size, man or woman, you will have a real skill after your first session
• No need to be in shape to start
  Our programs enable you to adapt your current abilities to protect  yourself and your loved ones. 
We cover all aspects of Self Defense 
   Threat assessment, awareness and avoidance, methods of escape and evasion, non-lethal weapons, de-escalation, hand to hand combat, close quarters weapons, improvised weapons, ground fighting and more - we will take you AS FAR AS YOU WANT TO GO.

Self Defense Company Programs
From our primary, introductory programs to our intensive, advanced training programs -we will take you as far as you want to go. 
Intro Courses
Baseline programs that will give you primary tactics and self defense skills you can "use tonight". 
60 Minute Self Defense Academy
  • Ages Adult and Teen
  •  Men and Women
  •  Threat Identification
  •  Awareness and Avoidance Strategies
  •  Non-lethal Weapons
  •  Primary Close Combat Skills
  •  Online Courseware 
Family Safe Program
  •  Families with Children Ages 5 to 11
  •  Threat Identification
  •  Environmental Awareness
  •  Safe Haven and Safe Stranger Training
  •  Methods of Escape and Evasion from Larger Predators
  •  Communication Exercises
  •  Mindsetting
  •  Online Courseware
Fitness Defense
  •  Preteen to Adult
  •  Physical Training with Tactical Benefits
  •  Workout Oriented Training
  •  Low to Heavy Impact Circuits
Advanced Courses
A full range of tactical programs covering ALL aspects of interpersonal violence for the civilian and the professional. 
The Self Defense Training System™
  •  The Cornerstone of all Self Defense Company programs
  •  10 Levels of Certification
  •  Covers all Aspects of Close Combat
  •  Threat Identification
  •  Escape and Evasion
  •  Empty Hand Techniques
  •  Weapons Defense
  •  Weapons Offense
  •  Improvised Weapons
  •  Ground Fighting and More...
  •  Online Courseware
Guardian Police Combatives
  •  Complete Law Enforcement and Security Training Program
  • Situation Size Up and Control
  •  Threat Assessment and Response
  •  Weapon Retention
  •  Arresting and Cuffing
  •  Compliant with Use of Force Guidelines 
  •  Online Courseware
Instructor Training Program
  •  Complete Tactical and Business Building Program
  •  Certification in all Self Defense Company Program
  • Development of Your Own Multi-income Stream Business
  •  Ability to Train and Teach Immediately from Anywhere in the World
  •  24-7 support from Self Defense Company Instructor Development Team
  •  Online Courseware
Seminars, Events and Workshops
Tactical training for a specific group or corporate event. We can build a program specific to your needs. 
Seminars, Events and Workshops
  •  Customizable Programs
  •  Small and Large Groups
  •  On site or Remote Location
  •  Private and Government Agencies
  •  No Obligation Quote
 THe three key factors to Preparing you faster than any other system
Factor 1: This is MISSION SPECIFIC self defense. No forms, no sport, no ceremony, no trophies, no sparring, and no egos. Our only goal is to prepare you to survive and protect.

Factor 2: This is a progressive scientific learning system. Once you learn the primary tactics and techniques, you can apply them to any situation. This will give you the key to crack the self defense code. 

Factor 3:
The Self Defense Training Network - our online training community at will enable you to preview and review every lesson when you're not in class. 

We maximize your time because we give you EXACTLY what you need with the tools to accelerate your learning. 
Fill Out the Form for a FREE Session
...and we'll also send you the Special Report -- How to Spot a Concealed Weapon in the Street
There are no Trophies and Belts in the STREET!
Most people don’t want or need the martial arts experience. Most adults just want to know exactly what it takes to protect themselves and their loved ones. Today there really aren’t any options, you either have to find a martial arts school where you could get your shoulder dislocated rolling around with some maniac or you take a self defense seminar and forget everything you learned a few days later.

Our teaching platform enables clients to train with you periodically and then continue to train on their own. This “tethered” training will keep them coming back every few months over the course of a few years instead of quitting after the first few months never to be seen again because they missed a few classes and think they  fell too far behind.
"I’m a traditional martial artist and MMA Fight Promoter in Bermuda. I started the Self Defense Company Self Defense Programs in 2008 to add more realism to my own training."  - Reuben Bean, Hamilton, Bermuda - Self Defense Company Instructor 2008
Meet Your Instructor...
George Hutchings
  •  Director of Instructor Development for The Self Defense Company 
  •  Level 5 Instructor The Self Defense Company
  •  Black Belt and Krav Maga certified instructor
  •  Black Belt in Kickboxing
  •  Muay Thai instructor
  •  GC Tactical Use of Force Instructor
  •  Police Combatives Instructor
"I've been with the Self Defense Company Since 2011 and the simple reason I teach these programs over all of the others is because I've seen them work...for EVERYONE." - George Hutchings, SDC Level 5 Instructor
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Barrie, Ontario
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Still not convinced...
Listen to what people from all walks of life are saying about The Self Defense Company Programs....
“Even pregnant, I can defend myself with the SDTS!"
"My confidence is through the roof!"
"You will be transformed."
"Never bullied again."
Michael Kaspian
Thanks for a life lived without fear!!
What a system! I can't say enough. I've been training in this system for 5 years and am happy to say I'm now a member. I dream about becoming certified in this great system and will continue to train so that I might teach this material to others. Thanks so much!
Dean Goldade
Chief Instructor Goldade Kajukenbo Ohana
This is the GOOD STUFF!  
There are quite a few places where Damian reminds us of the old saying Keep It Simple Stupid.. or KISS. This is a to the point, effective method of training. Solid proven techniques taught to be used against a variety of attacks.. Ed Parker the founder of American Kenpo once said "I would rather have 10 techniques I can fight with, than 100 that fight me".. You don't need 100 answers with a separate one for each encounter. A few proven ways to beat a variety of attacks will serve you better when you need them. This is the good shit.. Enjoy!
Stephan Laurence
Effective Solutions
Thanks Damian, the Elite Membership is full of great videos and information. Suitable for beginners and advanced.
Christopher Donovan
Confidence Builder
I have learned so much from all the instructional videos and have built more confidence I can defend myself if need be. Highly recommended.
Jonathan Stewart
Easy To Follow
I have earned belts in different traditional martial arts over a number of years. This system is easier and faster to learn than the previous systems I have been involved with. No forms, just solid technique.
"Lethal in 30 Days or Less!"
"The confidence to walk at night…even in Detroit!"
"This is how I protect my family."
"Martial Artist adds SDTS Elite Training to his own school."
Pat Campbell
Radio Talk Show Host KFAQ Tulsa
The SDTS is the real deal!!!
I checked out his program The Self Defense Training System and was blown away. I carry a firearm and now I carry a firearm and have my SDTS Elite Membership.
Tucker Horning
Real world self defense
When you buy this program and you practice what it offers, you will walk around your everyday life confident in your ability to keep your family safe. Its simple enough to teach the basics to your wife and one day to your kids so they can stay safe. Very happy with this program.
Alexandre Beraldi
Polícia Federal, Polícia Militar do Estado de São Paulo
Awesome techniques
I've been studying these techniques and start introducing them recently in the SWAT unit I work. We have been focusing our training only in brazilian jiu jitsu and boxing... now things just got better.
Darren Griffiths
Can’t find enough words except AWESOME!!
Kent Biehler
Real Self Defense
This course is the real deal. This is what you need to know. You want to know this before you need it. I highly rate and recommend this course!
Still need more convincing? 
Listen to what cops, soldiers, martial artists and moms are saying...
"Former SEAL Becomes SDTS Elite Instructor."
"Private Security Agent Relies on SDTS Elite Training."
"Marine Colonel adds SDTS Elite training to his skill set."
"Krav Maga Black Belt makes the switch to SDTS Elite."
Steve McCranie
Best Stuff I've Seen in a Long Time
This could be a life saver, especially as we see the coming darkness all around. Thanks, SDC.
Andrew Matich
This system is awesome. It’s so easy to learn. I’m an Elite Member and I’m hoping I can become an instructor in this system!
Robert Trapp
Real, simple, no BS.
I'm overly busy and over 60. It's gotta be practical and effective. I don't have the time or patience for some overly athletic, overly complicated, over hyped BS. Damian gives it to me straight and I like that.
Michael Brode
True self defense moves
The training system can be used by anyone. Damian and team do a fantastic job of breaking moves down so that they are easy to learn and very effective if needed. Good stuff indeed.
Hazen Hutchinson
Easy to understand
This system is easy to follow. It's broken down to step by step. If you do as shown, and practice you'll learn the skills to defend yourself in real world application.
"Single Mom protects her family with the SDTS Elite."
"Computer Programmer has both Brains and Brawn with the SDTS Elite."
"Bodybuilder adds the SDTS Elite to his training."
"Life Long Martial Artist sees the TRUTH in the SDTS Elite."
Allan Espinoza
This is a course for the avid self defense advocate. I’m a Black Belt (Wado-KI) from the 1980's and have wanted to get trimmed out and back in the state of mind I found so nicely rewarding. Mr. Ross has a great reference from Captain Chris, that's good enough for me. Thanks for the motivation and chance to get back in the groove.
Earl Gregg
5 stars is not enough
I have only just begun, but wow!!! There is so much material here. And all quality stuff from what I have seen. No filler, just meat.
Mathew Om
Really Impressed
Seems like a year now or better since I've been and Elite Member. Damian has experience in the martial arts as well as bouncing. I feel his sincerity concerning the subject of self-defence. I like the way he takes things step by step, paying mind to details, explaining techniques well, simply, as if everyone is a beginner and it's back to the basics first. Damian and this program has made me feel more confident about walking around safely with my wife and two young girls in the Los Angeles area. In addition, I have had some "bully" experiences in high school, in the distant past, and being involved in this program addresses that fear factor. Hats off to Damien and his support team. Seems like he has found his calling as a trainer and business owner. My life is better off with them on my side.
Robert Moraga
Absolutely unique!
Only one like it in the world of self defense. Committed to their students like family. Street fighting at its best without all the flowery BS that Bruce Lee once described as Roads To Nowhere.
Sean Duffy
Great training program
Damian makes it simple and easy to understand. And with the modules and the online delivery, it's easy to go back and review, or to take a break from training and come back to it (as I've done before. Face it, life gets busy). Customer service is top-notch and Damian is a great guy! You should definitely get this training today!!
See the SDTS scare the crap out of Penn and Teller on SHOWTIME!
Hear what experts from around the world are saying about the SDTS Elite Membership. 
Kevin Jones
Disabled but STILL ABLE!!!
I was attacked RIGHT after surgery. I’ve had my Elite Membership for a few months and I was walking…correction, hobbling on one leg into the hospital for my follow up visit. In short…I have a steel rod put in my leg and was recovering from surgery on my prostate. Needless to say I was in rough shape and had little use of my hands…but that didn’t matter.This guy approached me and I told him NO, DON’T DO IT…but as soon as he put his hands on me I hit him with a quick heel of hand – edge of hand combination and he DROPPED….and I got out of there because I didn’t have a round 2 in me.Look, I’m still here because of the Elite Membership and I can’t thank Damian and the Self Defense Company team enough!
Mark Gibson
A very simple and effective system
I am very glad I found this system I am legally blind have cerebral palsy and was in the hospital several times with a rare digestive disorder called ogolvis syndrome which takes so long to resolve itself I stay in hospitals and nursing homes for the better part of a year and am almost completely immobile but this system is so easy to use I can do things with it I wasn't able to do in my early 20's when I did karate and the ground portion of this system is much simpler and easier than Aikido I studied.
William Walker
great training process
I like the way this system is set up to take me through the training slowly but thoroughly....I like this system.
Peter Wait
Self Defense Company No 1
Hi I Just started the lessons,very Impressed with the setup of the whole site. I also give customer Support 5 stars for solving some issues I had at the Start caused by me.
Douglas Stam
Excellent material
If your are serious about your personal safety this material has everything you need. The most important benefit for this program is the frame of mind it gets you in to, the preparedness that will stay with you no matter where you go or what you are doing.
Straight to the Point
In real life, you don't have time for thinking, fancy moves or fluff. Damien's system goes straight to the effective, practical responses to real situations that will get the job done.
Kevin White
Real-world self-defense; no fluff; no BS
Simple, effective, and potentially DEVASTATING to an unsuspecting attacker. Damian does a fantastic job of breaking everything down to the basics and explaining what you're trying to accomplish in detail. Thanks!
Practical self defense for all ages
I spent many years training in the martial arts. It was great for self discipline and fitness, but STDS is much more realistic and practical for real world self defense. It encompasses awareness training and cultivation of a non-victim attitude, which can prevent attacks in the first place. The videos are well done and easy to follow. If you even master a few of the techniques in the full course, you will be miles ahead.
Steve Coon
Mental Training, too
I have really enjoyed the simplicity and depth of training. I've found the mental preparation and perspective of equal value as the physical training. I love the constant short emails of various segments of the program. This has become the only program I follow.Thanks again!
John Cockman
There When You Need It
SDTS is a reliable system. When faced with the need to defend yourself the tools are there. It is not reactive, it is proactive. Other systems send offers for updates for a fee. SDTS gives you everything you need from the get go.
Michelle King
While very informative each training session will show you something new , it shows you the best techniques that are easy to follow. You then have to apply what the videos teach. Each lesson will prepare you for any situation for survival.
Jimmy Kepple
New Hope for Older Warrior
Damian - Great stuff in the Mods. I have gotten older and lost "my vertical leap". Not able to do the "cool stuff" any more, but still very interested in the safety and survival of my love ones. New Hope of Older Warrior!
Mark Melton
Elite is EXACTLY what I was looking for.
I have done several martial arts. Had some fun. Mostly though, I've always been more interested in things that would actually be good for self defense. Cause I've had more fun with basketball and baseball than martial arts as a sport. This is obviously for realistic for self defense and strips away all the unrealistic stuff and all the memorization of forms which I'm not into. Just did it cause it was part of some of the arts I've done. I also like how its always updating with new stuff. Like the combat jiu jitsu and the escape and evasion course, which I got. I'll get some of that stuff as well. This is not the only thing I've found that I'm into now that I think is effective and realistic. But it sure is super cool. Good job Damian. I'm proud to be part of the team.
Phylip De La Maziere
Just had to write and say I do not know how such a fantastic course, that is so well put together and presented can be sold for such a very reasonable price!. I have learned so much and am looking forwards to learning a lot more. Sadly, as far as I know, there is NOTHING like this in the UK. That will change when I hopefully get my certificate. I truly believe that anyone no matter what there age, sex or physical capabilities can benefit from this course. A very big THANK YOU to Damian for taking the time to put it together. I hope one day we can meet and I can thank you in person.This is my true opinion and no offer of gain was made for me to leave it.
Pete Yevchak
Now I have MORE than just my gun!
Liking the way the program is set up - makes it easy to learn and view over-and-over again to help burn the moves into one's mind. The "demonstrate/explain" and then "drill" video sections are awesome and the "Guide" PDF's for each section are extremely helpful. The only way to actually absorb this stuff is to live it, though. I'm among the group who has always relied on constantly "packing" for self-and-family protection, but I always knew in the back of my mind that I was sadly lacking for a "Plan B" in any situation where I either couldn't GET to my gun in time or I simply didn't have it AT the time of an attack. Damien's system fills this hole admirably. I would suggest this course for ANYONE regardless of sex/age or physical condition. Having mastered and being able to effectively USE this information when you really don't LOOK like Billy BadAss would come as a massive shock to anyone who tries to victimize you. Get it. Learn it. TRAIN it until it's second-nature. That's what I'm going to do (and I suggest YOU do, too!).
Ronny Romano
Good Foundation
Good Materials . Need to Review all Materials over and over again until I Learn the Moves well and it Beats Going to a Martial Arts School and I know better what to do when Some one Threatens to Kill me or Hit and Attack me and other People tell me this Person can Hurt me or that Person can Hurt and my Brother in Law Wanted to break my Fingers or Put me in the Ground and your ground Fighting System will give me a Better Idea if another Brother in Law Looks to Hurt me but The First Brother in Law Died but this System is Great for me and I can Look and Practice these Drills until I Get Fully Trained to Defend myself Correctly . I am Just getting Started . Thank you Damian.
Mark Baily
Reality 101
40 plus years of various Martial Arts styles and Marine Force Recon you can weed the sport fighting out when it comes down to saving your bacon in a real world Fubar situation. I've always relied on this type of training regardless of all the others. Why - simply put it works! The SDTS system does not take hours and years of training to have life saving tools in your tool box. If your a seasoned Martial Artist or a individual looking for a simple but effective way to save you life and protect loved ones, the SDTS system greatly puts the odds in your favor! Train with an open mind and the reword will be priceless.
Nicholas Benetos
New to training
Great program can go at my own pace on my schedule. Any questions I had were answered right away, Damian himself has gotten back to me quickly. Love the SDTS program after the first lesson feeling more confident in my abilities . Glad I became an Elite member.
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